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Dynamically Generate GitHub Stats SVG like Terminal for your Readme

GitHub Stats Terminal Style

Dynamically Generate GitHub Stats as like Terminal Interface


  1. Create a New Repository using by click here to create.
  2. Create the personal Access token. Check this link to create personal access token.
  3. Add a New Repository secret to your repo. Name of the secret is must be GHT and valve is your personal access token. Checkout this link to add new repository secret.

The File github_stats.svg is svg image of your github stats. you can copy the link of the image and use it any where. By default it update daily at 2:47 UTC you can also can this by change the cron in /.github/workflows/main.yml by using Cron Generator.


Now only Nine themes are only available.

By default it ubuntu theme.

you can change the theme by change the command in file /.github/workflows/main.yml


node updater.js ${{ github.repository_owner }}
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to this

node updater.js ${{ github.repository_owner }} <themeName>
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Contributions, issue and pull requests are welcome

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In defense of the modern web

I expect I'll annoy everyone with this post: the anti-JavaScript crusaders, justly aghast at how much of the stuff we slather onto modern websites; the people arguing the web is a broken platform for interactive applications anyway and we should start over;

React users; the old guard with their artisanal JS and hand authored HTML; and Tom MacWright, someone I've admired from afar since I first became aware of his work on Mapbox many years ago. But I guess that's the price of having opinions.