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Effortlessly update Your Spotify Playlists daily with This Simple Tool

What I built

I built a tool that can automate the process of updating Spotify playlists, making it easier for users to maintain their music collections. It runs the python script to update playlist every day using GitHub Actions.

Users can configure the tool to update tracks on playlist based on different categories like Top tracks, top artists, recently played and tracks. This eliminates the need for manual playlist management, saving time and effort for users who want to keep their music collections organized.

Category Submission:

This is a random tool that uses GitHub Actions so it belongs to Wacky Wildcards

App Link

Checkout this on GitHub


Local working demo of this tool



This is simple Python script to update the given playlist with recommended tracks of User. Tracks added to the playlist can be customizable by different categories. Currently, it supports

  • TopArtist()
  • TopTracks()
  • TopMix() - It mix both TopArtist and TopTracks
  • RecentlyPlayed()
  • Mix() - If you need a playlist with particular artists, tracks or genre, you can mix up to 5 parameters like Artist, Genre and Track. Only 5 parameters are allowed

The number of tracks added to the playlist is also configurable. Checkout Readme for more information and usage details.

It uses the GitHub Actions to runs the script every day to update playlist.

Link to Source Code

Source Code of this tool is found at GitHub

Permissive License

Distributed under the MIT license.


Firstly, I love Music.
I got this idea from my previous project to convert Spotify playlist into YouTube playlist. In a previous project I automated the process of YouTube playlist creation. Next, I need to automate the process of Spotify playlist. So, this is a tool I finally got at end.

How I built it

I used to spotipy Python library which is Python wrapper of the Spotify web API. A wrote script to update playlist using Python and finally I used to GitHub actions to run the script every day to update playlist

Additional Resources/Info

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