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What’s more important? FUNCTIONALITY or STYLING?

Is it ok to gear towards the functionality of a project? Vs the styling?
I don’t like styling too much, but I like “making it work”, best.

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Mateusz Kwiatkowski

From my experience both count and are extremely important.

I have seen people which doesn't care about product's optic and use what has the best performance or features. On the other hand, I think most people behave in the exact opposite way and tend to use products with a good and simple UI.

It is important to know your customers/audience and their needs. Only then you will be bale to make a right decisions.

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I think nowdays if you use a component library you will have to do very few styling except for the layout one.

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Ok, I like Material-UI and Vuetify. I’ve just got started on a MERN and MERNG Stack

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If it is your own project, you do as you wish and like.
If you work in a team, you should discuss what the goal is.

In the end - both are important in both situations. Wouldn't you agree?