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Learning GraphQL, what do you learn first?

What do you focus on first learning GraphQL?
I have a MERN + Apollo/ GraphQL + Strapi CMS, project.
I want to eventually have a checkout system, ALSO, possibly a small social side so people can share β€œfish tank” setups and also what products they use or need.

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Gleb Irovich

Hey Bret,

Probably it makes sense to familiarize yourself with how Graphql works in general. Play around in one of the available sandboxes to get experience with queries.

I think if you boil down Graphql to a few important concepts, you will end up with:

  • Resolvers (parts of code responsible for fetching data from the DB and aggregating it)
  • Queries (analog of GET requests) / Mutations (analog of POST, PUT and DELETE).

Those are some entry points. God luck.