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Arduino vs C/C++ (how to think)

When using Arduino, the IDE,
What should I compare the code of Arduino to?
OR, well since it’s more hobbyist vs commercial....

How much or many of the concepts of Arduino, match up to the commercial use in the real world, and also other libraries??

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It's mostly C, C for embedded systems... Though Arduino abstracts most low level routines, you can access registers and mess with lower level stuff if you want to (I noticed this looking at the code of a library I use for sound on Arduino, Mozzi).

How much it matches up with the real world is a complicated question, because on the more high level, simple, hobbyist type of projects, it will look like you're writing a simple application on Python or JavaScript (with C syntax, of course), but you can get very technical, C library style, if you know what I mean (though I don't think there's many jobs nowadays using C).