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I wrote five articles on 4 different website, and this is what happened!!!


Anyone who has even a little interest in the writing field has this question in his mind, How much will I get from writing my first article?

Whether you watched a YouTube video that has millions of followers on how to get money from writing articles, or you are just a person who is passionate about your field and wants to write about what you love We all have these questions.

Questions such as how many readers will read my article, how long I need to write an article, what is the best platform to publish on, and many other questions.

You wish there was this article that contains the experience of an ordinary person who does not have a doctorate degree and does not have millions of followers and asks why people read his article. A beginner who learned from the same free resources that you learned from has the same limited time as you with an above-average IQ ( if you are reading This article you are probably a smart person ).

Yes, you finally found this article, where I will talk about my personal experience with writing 5 articles on 4 different sites.

I had hoped that the title would be "I wrote five articles on five sites," but I was too lazy to search for a fifth.

In this article, I will not try to convince you to start writing articles and to talk about the number of benefits that you will get, as I am sure that you watched a video about this before reading this article, but tell me in the comments if you want an article like this

I am simply going to share my writing experience, the numbers I got on each platform, and the pros, and cons of writing articles that I felt.

But since I am still a beginner, and the experience only talks about five articles, I want to suggest to you this video that talks about the expected profits for writing articles, in the long run → How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2022? It Changed Again! - YouTube

And so that you know what are your advantages compared to mine, here are my current qualities:

  • I have less than 100 followers on Twitter, so I do not have any advantage in terms of marketing myself.
    • If you would like to follow me → Twitter
  • I am a beginner Front-end dev that still learning React
  • I have an IQ of 143

Of course, the platforms I posted on are as follows ( do not forget to follow me there ):


  • In order to simplify the information, I took the average of the results from the four platforms
  • I will talk in general about the writing experience as a whole, then I will talk specifically about the writing experience in each platform
  • There is no such thing as two notes, so did you know that the arteries of a blue whale are so large that a human being can swim inside them?

writing experience:

starting a blog meme

Like I said before, I'm not going to try to convince you to start writing articles, as I'm sure you watched a YouTube video about “10 benefits to start writing”, I'm just here to talk about my experience.

My story with writing articles does not contain any inspiration or noble reasons at all, as I did not seek to spread free knowledge among people, or I am passionate about what I learn

I am still a beginner and most of what I write about is a first-time experience

I started writing for the following reasons:

  • If you give me the choice between learning React forms or writing an article, I will write the article without feeling guilty
  • Anyone who writes articles acquires a kind of aura that places them above the average person and I am sure this will help in getting a job.
  • I want something to talk about on Twitter

I am sure that you do not take me seriously now, since my goals are not noble enough for your sake. I am sure that every person who claims that he started writing for a noble purpose wants to benefit in one way or another from these articles, whether by increasing his fame or obtaining money.

For me, my plan was simple. I am currently learning to program, so why not talk about what I learned, I will not lose anything.

And the moment I decided to start writing, I was learning React, so I decided to record everything on my journey so that others could benefit from it, and oh my, what a decision it was.

blogging cat meme

Who would have imagined that writing an article about my journey of learning React would take more time and effort than the learning journey itself?

the first thing I noticed is that writing an article takes more time than I expect, especially if you are a person who loves to talk like me. I cannot put a useful summary without putting my personal comment and experience, and I cannot mention something in an article without putting a link to it. And the most energy-consuming thing is deciding which meme I will put with what I write.

I remember learning React for an hour and then spending the whole day writing about it.

I know that my style of writing is not the most professional and will not bring me the most interaction, but it is the style that I like, as I like memes and making fun of things.

What are the benefits of writing:

Five articles are not enough to get money or fame, as you still will not get enough interaction in order to achieve this, but this does not mean There are no benefits!

In fact, I am amazed at the number of benefits I got from just 5 articles.

blogging meme

Look at this Notion page → React summary It contains a summary of most of what I've learned so far in React, a page that my future self will probably thank me for years since I'll easily remember everything I've learned with a page like this.

And without my “30-day React learning journey” series that I publish I would not have thought of making this effort in anything, Hours of effort have been spent summarizing what I have learned just to make the article I am writing as informative as possible, Or the number of links I collected in my “Top 5 Icon websites for devs and designers” article.

I don't know if it's just me, but I feel more responsible when I write about what I learned than what I feel when I learn.

I remember the first positive comment that came to me. It turned my day from bad to legendary. I don't know how, but there's something about being complimented by someone who doesn't know you.

What are the cons of writing articles:

I don't know when, but I think at least in your first year of writing, the time spent writing versus the interaction you'll get is not worth it.

For me, boredom does not affect me that much, as I write in a style that I enjoy, but I am sure that if you were writing articles formally, you would definitely feel bored.

In general, if you love to write, the only thing that will stop you is frustration; Where if you spend 6 hours writing an article in order to eventually get 30 readers, you will feel frustrated, as it does not matter how good your article is if no one knows who you are, they will not care

How do I choose my article topic:

blogging meme

Honestly, for most of my life, I always know what I have to do in order to achieve what I want, but the problem is always that I am lazy, and the same situation with the topics of articles, where I have about 30 different article ideas, but I am a lazy person.

But with some productivity tricks, I can at least make sure I record my thoughts so I can execute them when I'm not being lazy.

And after recording the random thoughts that come to me, I noticed a pattern in how I choose the good thoughts, as 99% of my life is normal, and my life is similar to millions of people, and I myself will not read an article that talks about anything that happens there.

But when I write a good line of code, or when I encounter a problem that takes thinking to solve, or when I learn something that I find difficult, I know that I am not alone, so I choose. I write about these ideas.

what is my writing process:

Start by choosing an idea from the ideas that I collected, as I take into account the following in my choice:

  • The amount of effort that I am willing to give
  • A combination of how much I care about the topic and how much I think the reader will care
  • The possibility of converting this article into more than one part

So I apologize, but we will stop here and continue to the next part!

I know you probably didn't get anything useful from this article as I didn't talk about advice or give you a detailed experience but if I tried to do all this in one article, you wouldn't read it because of its length, and at the same time, I want to talk about everything in my experience.

Even though I did not go into details in this article, but this is still better than putting the experience in a summary section in a large article.

So expect two more upcoming parts, the first about the numbers I got from writing and the second about some advice based on these results.


I apologize again for ending here, but the results of the fifth article did not excite me to write in a large amount, so I hope you liked this article, and do not forget to share your writing experience with me also and share your opinion about this article in the comments.

In the end, I would like to hear your opinions about the article.

  • What was missing?
  • Should I add more or fewer details?
  • Do I add more explanation or cut it out and only talk about the experience?


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