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Best Programming Memes of the Week #1


There is no real benefit from this article, but despite that, you chose to read it

but there is no better feeling than laughing at a meme that shares your suffering with a Programming language, and if you understand the meme, you understand the language!

therefore Here's the 'Best Programming Memes of the Week' I found.

First time using js Regex be like:

js regex meme

Every front-end dev's friend:

debug meme

using while be like:

loop meme
This image will take time to load

Every developer's nightmare:

js and java meme

my in any work group:

for loop meme


If you have reached this stage, you should at least go read something useful, I suggest you one of my last article:

I hope you will share your opinion about the best meme and share with me if you find a new meme.


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