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How do you pace yourself when working on an interesting project?

yjdoc2 profile image YJDoc2 ・1 min read

How do you make yourself take breaks and pace yourself when you are working on a project you are really passionate about/ interested in ?

Recently I have been working on a project which is interesting, and I like working on it, but I have noticed that I have been working on it too much. It is not just about the coding part, where I actually sit and work on the code, but also when I am not coding, it is still on my mind. I keep thinking on 'how will I implement this feature' or 'how will I solve this issue' and so on. (also now I get why they say only ~10% of coding is actually typing 😉 )

I have found out this YouTube channel a few months back, and it is amazing, but in particular, I was re-watching this video 3rd or 4rth time :

And I wondered if is it just me, or it is a common problem for others as well?

As she has said in the video , do you also have a feeling that you could be working on the project instead of what you are doing?

How do you force yourself to take breaks, and pace yourself when working on a project you are really exited about?

If you have experienced anything like this or have any tips on how one can deal with this please leave a comment 😄
Thank you!

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Yatharth Vyas • Edited

If I'm involved in any inquisitive project, I tend to be deeply focused on it and I do often forget to take necessary breaks. However, regular off-screen time is a must for good health. I often take time out to do something else I equally envy of, for example solving a rubik's cube, listening to music, podcasts or simply talking to my family members as this also helps me maintain a good social balance.

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