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Discussion on: You Can Definitely Use Global Variables To Manage Global State In React

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Yezy Ilomo Author

Am glad you found it simpler, I’ve actually used Redux and other state management libraries before and what you’re saying about complexity is very true, I think most of them are over engineered which makes it very hard for beginners to learn, Part of the reason I developed this lib was to make things easier that’s why I’ve tried my best(still do) to keep the API very minimal and very similar to builtin react state hook’s API.

Lots of people have requested TS support so we are definitely going to work on it, if things go well we might have it supported on the next release so hang in there.

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Dylan Rosario

Agree, redux is BLOATED.
The issue is my component need access from a non-local iFrame, and even maybe the browser JS runtime, above the Shadow Dom barrier. This would help me drop the legacy React and move to true ISOMORPHIC components.
Please contact me for some commissioned work surrounding tis package please.

Dylan Rosario

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That's great news. Thank you for your amazing work!