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Are you a tweeter or a retweeter?

yellzheard profile image Omayeli Arenyeka ・1 min read

Hi everyone! A while ago I made a small app on glitch that tells you, based on posts from your user profile, if you are a tweeter or retweeter and generates a downloadable graphic based on that!

Twit Original


I kept seeing people talk about being super creative and original with their tweets. I wanted a way to actually quantify that in a fun way.

Kanye West is a Tweeter

Possible future plans

  • Making sharing easier: be able to draft a tweet with the generated graphic directly from the site.

  • Comparing results: a database of the results and have an (opt-in) collection of all the generated graphics.

  • Non-binary scale: Instead of retweeter or tweeter have maybe super retweeter > retweeter > perfect balance > tweeter > super tweeter to make the results more specific.

You can check it out here!

And you can remix! (remix on glitch is essentially making a fork and putting your spin on the project)

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Ethan • Edited

I'm interested, does this include replies to tweets? And are retweets with comments counted as tweets or retweets?

Really cool project idea, and those illustrations are sick! 👌

Future idea: Have a longest tweet and retweet streak leaderboard.

yellzheard profile image
Omayeli Arenyeka Author

thank you! illustrations were done by my friend Jinjin (

Retweets with comments are counted as tweets (with a link to another tweet)

and yes that's a great idea!!