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Serverless Technology

The very first thought crosses our minds while hearing Serverless is there won't be any Servers , isn't it?

Let me make it very clear,
Serverless does not mean that there are No servers.
Yes, the name Serverless is deceptive.

Before going in more depth about Serverless technology

Let's first understand,
What actually a Server is?

A computer which is designed to function 24/7 in order to provide services to computers or users(widely referred as client) on a network.
e.g. Web Server, Email Server, Game Server

If you're someone who've hosted their website on any server, must be aware of the fact that

Servers need a lot of maintenance, provisioning and handling.

let's understand Serverless now

In Serverless technologies, everything still must run in servers only, it's just that users/developers do not have to manage/handle/provision the servers anymore.

Yes, this is what it is in simple terms.

It boils down to, the user experience is serverless but the same does not hold true in case of service providers.

More on Serverless

In Serverless, one does not have to worry about maintaining the servers and their underlying infrastructure such as replacing failed hardware, reliable internet and updated software.
It leads us to focus entirely on our application.

Let's discuss some major benefits os Serverless

We only have to pay for exact usage.
It gets easier to scale up and down.(No growing pain when your site or service sees a spike in traffic)
Don't have to manage Servers.

Will continue more on it in the upcoming blogs
What are your thoughts on Serverless technology?
Comment it down!

One more thing,
Keep smiling, you're beautiful :)

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rickdelpo1 profile image
Rick Delpo

Well done, thanks!

these are the servers I recently outsourced
1 AWS EC2 Windows Server
2 MySQL db Server
3 Java JVM - not really a server but may as well be
4 Tomcat Servlet Server
5 Apache httpd Server

I replaced all above servers with AWS S3 and AWS Lambda - only 5 cents per mo now
plus 25 cents per mo to host my html on remote Apache Server.

check out my profile and articles for much more on how i accomplished Serverless
Thanks again !!

yellowgem profile image
Nisha Srivastava

Glad you liked it, Rick : )

Sure thing will check 'em.
Let's support and grow.

tikul1 profile image
Hardik Parmar

Thanks, Well written.!

yellowgem profile image
Nisha Srivastava

Thanks for your words, Hardik : )
Let's learn and grow !

pratyush1312 profile image
Pratyush Pandey

Very well written :)
Thanks for Sharing this :)))

yellowgem profile image
Nisha Srivastava

Thanks dear : )

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