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React Series Part-0

Namaste, dear reader!

In this ReactJS series, I'll be covering the entire topics of ReactJS.

First things first! ReactJS is library of Javascript and not a framework.It was developed by Facebook in 2011.

It is widely and insanely used for creating fast and interactive user interfaces.
ReactJS is way ahead of its potential competitors e.g. Angular JS and Vue js.

The entire ReactJS application made up of reusable and independent set of components.

Components are the building blocks of ReactJS App

Every react app has atleast one component which is referred as the App component.

App component represents the react app and all the components are placed inside it.

React APP Structure

Since React is a library, it has a very specific purpose .i.e to create user interfaces also know as views.

React can also be used in the parts of our existing application and it will not disturb the existing technology of the application. This is one of the major differences between React and Angular.

Let's see who all are using react.

App using React

That's about it in the Part-0
Stay tuned for other series where I'll be discussing all things ReactJS.

You're beautiful, keep smiling : )

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Pratyush Pandey

Well written!
waiting for the next part 😍

yellowgem profile image
Nisha Srivastava

Glad you liked it!
Sure, will upload Part:-1 super soon : )