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Why do more and more companies choose enterprise low code platform?

As the demand for enterprise applications continues to grow, improving the efficiency of enterprise development has become the goal of many industries. Traditional development methods are obviously not applicable, and the enterprise low code platform can help companies solve this problem.
What is enterprise low code platform?
The low-code platform reduces the difficulty of coding, and the low-code development platform can help developers customize mobile applications in a simpler way. These platforms are creative, agile, easy to understand, and require very little coding skills. Even business people can easily control it.

Elements of enterprise low code platform
aPaaS (application platform as a service) can realize rapid application development and delivery throughout the application life cycle, simplify application compilation and deployment, and ensure availability, reliability and scalability, as well as application operation control and monitoring.
MADP (mobile application development platform) can better respond to the digital business and innovative needs of enterprises, and is an important supplement to low-code development capabilities; at the same time, many foreign low-code development platforms are gradually strengthening their support for mobile application development.
The BPM platform focuses on process-based development, and the purpose is to improve organizational efficiency by systematically improving the internal business processes of the enterprise. The current BPM platform front-end is mainly based on forms to achieve rapid development, with a relatively fixed style, and the back-end analyzes the BPMN flowchart ( Business process modeling and annotation) to complete the step-by-step process development

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