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What’s the basic idea of rapid application development (RAD)?

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The basic idea of RAD is shown in:

  1. Let users participate more actively in project analysis, design and construction activities.
  2. Organize project development into a series of focused seminars. The seminars should involve project investors, users, analysts, designers, and constructors.
  3. Accelerate the stage of requirements analysis and design through an iterative construction method.
  4. Let users see a working system in advance. The RAD model accelerates the development speed through the extensive use of reusable components, and is particularly effective for the development of information systems. But RAD also has its shortcomings:
  5. Not all applications are suitable for RAD. The RAD model requires high modularity. If some functions cannot be modularized, the components required to build RAD will be problematic.
  6. For large-scale, scalable projects, RAD requires sufficient manpower to create enough RAD teams, and requires developers and customers to complete a series of needs analysis within a short period of time. All may lead to the failure of the RAD project, so the communication skills and demand analysis capabilities of developers are high, and there are certain requirements for customer cooperation.
  7. RAD is only suitable for information system development, not for projects with high technical risk.

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