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Decentralized Twitter on EOS

HI Devs,
Please checkout my project built on EOS blockchain using React-Redux as frontend.

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Decentralised twitter using #EOS blockchain

Decentralised twitter, will let you to tweet to Blockchain,EOS.Every tweet you make be on open blockchain.

alt text


  • firstly install docker
  • install Eos docker image
  • install mongodb image

Eos docker

Docker pull & run

docker pull eosio/eos:v1.4.2`
docker run --name eosio \
  --publish 7777:7777 \
  --publish \
  --detach \
  eosio/eos:v1.4.2 \
  /bin/bash -c \
  "keosd --http-server-address= & exec nodeos -e -p eosio --plugin eosio::producer_plugin --plugin eosio::chain_api_plugin --plugin eosio::history_plugin --plugin eosio::history_api_plugin --plugin eosio::http_plugin -d /mnt/dev/data --config-dir /mnt/dev/config --http-server-address= --access-control-allow-origin=* --contracts-console --http-validate-host=false --filter-on='*'"

to check if running

docker logs --tail 10 eosio

Make alias Add this to the end of bash.rc file

alias cleos='docker exec -it eosio /opt/eosio/bin/cleos --url --wallet-url'

Strat & stop docker

docker start eosio
docker stop eosio

Docker mongo

Docker pull & run

docker pull mongo:4.0
docker run --rm --name mongo_blog_container -d -p mongo:4.0

Check if running

docker logs mongo_blog_container --follow

Setup a…

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