No need to install mongoose, bcrypt, jsonwebtoken and many more basic npm packages again

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Recently I developed an npm package "beatific" (
which eradicates the need to install the following packages

  • mongoose
  • bcrypt/bcryptjs/bcrypt-nodejs
  • jsonwebtoken
  • morgan
  • helmet
  • compression

This package inherits the functionalities of each of the above package and wraps them into easy syntax.

And one more amazing functionality of this package is that it generates the dockerfile of your nodejs project automatically.

If you like this, do give its github repo a star ( and, PRs and suggestions are always welcome :)

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I think youre write your docs about helmet wrong. Its same as compresion()


Oh, I just noticed, I'll fix that. Actually, their usage is exactly same, so I might have mistyped it. Thank you for noticing and mentioning about it :)

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