Chrome - Arrange your tabs with tab groups 😍

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If you're one of those people with so many tabs open than you can manage, read on.

The why

For those of you who have many tabs open all at the same time and are struggling to keep a tab on your tabs, the time has come to get a bit more organised using this new feature in Chrome called tab groups.

The whole purpose has been to help users keep their tabs organised and easier to find them in their sea of open tabs.

How can I do it?

Simply right click your tab and select Add tab to tab group option. Then there will be a dot right before your tab. Click on the dot, a pop up will open in which you can select a colour for your tab group, and name your group.

If you are clicking on an existing group, you will have the following options in addition:

  • Add a new tab to the group
  • Ungroup tabs in a group
  • Close group
  • Move the group to a new window
  • Send feedback if you have any

I've demonstrated this in below video:

Adding tabs to tab groups in Chrome

But I don't see the option

If you can't see the option, don't worry, just go to chrome://flags, then search for tab groups and enable the option. It's still experimental, but you can use it now.


Hope this will help you to keep a tab on your tabs and till next time πŸ‘‹πŸ½.

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The only downside I've noticed in the past month or so I've been using it is that when you restart Chrome and you reopen the old window, the groups aren't saved to history. I hope we can get something like that when it ships for real.


Yeah I noticed it too, we could ask the team and see what they have to say


edge://flags if using the edge chromium browser!


Amazing - why is this still hiding behind a flag? So many peeps, not just devs, would love this.


I believe it’ll be shipped soonish


Close group isn't working yet on latest version of Chrome on Mac.


Yeah, the feature is so helpful! I also use it on Chrome for mobile.