Is JavaScript Dominating the Dev World?

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I read this today:

I was thinking... he is very right!

And, I really find it scary.

Cuz hey, languages that you love might virtually disappear in the next 5 years in favor of JavaScript!

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Most common in IT, less used in automation and embedded side of IoT. 12+ years as a coder. JavaScript is probably 1% of the code I've written. Also do not forget the undisputed love of corporates for java!


Yeah, JS struggles with getting wider usage in automation, IoT, and corporate in front of Java an C#.

Not sure, if that will be the case in the next 5 years.

Cuz every once in a while, someone comes up with a way flip the things in JS favor, like electron for desktop apps


Very interesting... and the more interesting part is (October 2019)

I think it's waiting for publish 😁


Another field where R and Python has a lead over JS is numercial comupations and AI. Well, basically JS has room for improvement on any serverside workload but REST APIs.


Among all of them, JavaScript is common only on front-end (but you don't really have other choices).

On the back-end, it's used far far less than PHP, C# or Java.

On mobile it's used only as the part of cross-platform development frameworks, and on that field developers are still using Java and Swift more. React Native is a powerful thing, but nothing beats native technologies when it comes to getting best performances of your application.

Regarding the IoT and SmartTV, I can't talk about these two fields but I doubt it has high usage even there (although I think Node could be quite handy for real-time event tracking for example).


Absolutely, JavaScript is great, but native is just "greater".

I'm sure the UX is one of the sides JS has been trying to deal with since it started the competition Adobe Flash :D


The number of developers doubles every 5 years, and I think the total number of developers in every popular language actually increases over time, but also languages become less popular and eventually the number of developers in those languages might start going down.


No other language has such a wide range of uses as JavaScript

I think Java might raise it's eyebrow to this statement.

Languages that you love might virtually disappear in the next 5 years in favor of JavaScript!

No language that was once mainstream ever truly disappears, it's only relegated to niche projects and/or legacy maintenance. Furthermore, cult followings will tend to keep a language alive long after people have assumed it's dead.

JavaScript is one of the programming languages I am fluent in, but to me, it's just a tool. Today, I write my backends in JavaScript because of the brilliance of the design of V8, not it's syntax (JavaScript's syntax has room for improvement). Ultimately, a professional software developer should be fluent in several programming languages, and/or be able to pick up a new language with ease. When JavaScript is just one of a dozen languages you can work in, the fate of JavaScript of the next few decades is largely irrelevant.


I agree with you that "wide range" has been the selling point of JS, Java, C# and Python, and maybe every trendy lang!

No language that was once mainstream ever truly disappears

Yeah, but in this regards, virtually dead ≃ dead... just like VB.

JavaScript's syntax has room for improvement

I just hope all bad syntax will just go away one day from JS for the sake of having a clean lang.


Javascript is trending and things that are cool get more attention then the rest of the other programming languages.

So i dont think we are at the point where Javascript is dominating the programming world, at least not yet.

I dont think that languages that have been used for decades will stop getting used because of Javascript. They might stop getting used that much yes but very probably because a better option exists.

Example Go, Rust, F#, etc are newer languages that are competitors with older languages like C++, C# (not an expert on these ones).


at least not yet

Yep, at least for now our beloved languages are safe 😆

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