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Top 10 Handy JavaScript Tips To Know

This blog was inspired by David Arias Fuentes' tweet: "15 Magical JavaScript Tips for Every Web Developer". I loved it so much, I had to share it with my network. I had DM'ed him beforehand before publishing this post. Please follow him for more helpful posts!

How handy!

1. Flatten the array of the array

This tip will help you to flatten a deeply nested array of arrays by using Infinity in flat.

Flatten the array

2. Easy Exchange Variables

You probably swap the two variables using a third variable temp. But this tip will show you a new way to exchange variables using destructuring.

Easy Exchages

3. Sort Alphabetically

Sorting is a common problem in programming, and this tip will save your valuable time by writing a long code to sort a string alphabetically.

Sort Alphabetically

4. Generate Range of Numbers

Suppose you want to generate a number between a specific range. The first approach you will use is the loop. But this tip will save you valuable time by doing it the easy way.

Range of Numbers

5. Shorten the Console log

Tired of writing console.log() again and again? This tip will show how to shorter your console log and speed up your coding.

Shorten console.log

6. Shortening an Array in an easy way

This is an awesome tip for web developers to shorten an array in an easy way. You just need to use the length method by passing a number that denotes the new size of your array.

Shorten array

7. Use isNumber

This tip will show how to check whether a value or variable holding a number ( integer, float and etc ) or not.


8. Use isString

This useful tip will show you how to check whether a value or data is in string format or not. This comes in handy when you request data from the server and want to check the data type.


9. Check Null

In Programming, sometimes we need to check whether a result or data is null.


10. Merge Array into One

This tip will be useful when you need to combine the two arrays of any size into one. You need to use the JavaScript concate method for this.

Merge Array

Cover photo: Caspar Camille Rubin @casparrubin

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