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PHP 8 News: "Never" Return Type

Understanding the "never" Return Type:

The "never" return type in PHP 8.1 signifies that a function will never return normally. This could be due to various exceptional behaviors such as throwing an exception, causing a fatal error, or entering an infinite loop. By explicitly declaring a function's return type as "never", developers convey the intention that the function will not reach its normal completion.

This feature is particularly useful for expressing functions that have exceptional behavior or functions that are designed to halt the program's execution abruptly. By specifying the "never" return type, developers can make their code more expressive and convey the intended behavior more clearly to other developers and to automated tools such as static analysis tools or IDEs.


Throwing an Exception:

function throwError(): never {
    throw new \Exception('This function always throws an exception.');
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In this example, the function throwError() always throws an exception, making it impossible to reach the end of the function. Therefore, it is marked with a return type of "never".

Exiting Script Execution:

function exitScript(): never {
    exit(); // Terminate script execution with exit.
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The exitScript() function terminates the script's execution abruptly using the exit() function. Since the script never continues execution beyond this point, it is designated with a return type of "never".

Entering an Infinite Loop:

function infiniteLoop(): never {
    while (true) {
        // Perform some operations...
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The infiniteLoop() function enters an infinite loop, causing the script to execute indefinitely. Since the function never exits the loop under normal circumstances, it is annotated with a return type of "never".

Benefits of Using "never" Return Type:

  1. Improved Code Clarity:
    By explicitly stating that a function never returns normally, developers can easily understand the exceptional behavior of that function.

  2. Enhanced Static Analysis:
    Tools like static analyzers and IDEs can leverage the "never" return type information to perform more comprehensive code analysis, leading to better error detection and code optimization.

  3. Preventing Misuse:
    Using the "never" return type can help prevent accidental misuse of functions that are intended to have exceptional behavior, such as those meant to terminate script execution or raise fatal errors.

In conclusion, the "never" return type in PHP 8.1 provides a clear and explicit way to denote functions with exceptional behavior that do not return normally. This feature enhances code readability, facilitates static analysis, and helps prevent unintended usage of such functions.

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