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Day 13/100, 100 Days of Code

Ok so, I'm actually a few days further than 13 but I keep forgetting to post! Or I get to wrapped up with the day and get lazy. But I am still coding, which is a good thing.

Took a break from online classes the last couple days and decided to take on a small project. I must say... I've learned more in the last 24 hours than I have in the last week. I'm starting to understand why seasoned coders will say to build something. Anything.

The project was to create a Pokedex. Heard of Pokemon? It's basically a tracker that has information on all the original Pokemon. A database. I'm following a tutorial on youtube for it, and it's pretty fun. A breath of fresh air from class.

So the part I've been working on is the Javascript(obviously). The html and Css code were provided. Although I'm not technically writing the JS from scratch, I'm still understanding more by following along with the instructors code and typing it out myself. I haven't finished yet. Maybe this will be my first thing I upload to github? I've learned a little about the fetch method and API's, and how to access my html and css files.

Finished off the day with more class content. Learning how to use the this keyword, and when to use an arrow function vs the method with it.

I'll remember to post tomorrow! happy coding

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