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chill beats to focus to


We all want to find our focus and get into the zone. A great way to do that is with noise-canceling headphones and some relaxing music. Studies have shown that instrumental music such as classical, jazz, or ambient is best for relaxation and focus. Lo-fi beats are a great pick, as they don't have lyrics, and the tempo keeps you engaged without making you sleepy.

The South China Morning Post interviewed a psychologist who said that music, particularly lo-fi, can help block out distractions and keep you focused. He suggested sticking with slow, ambient tunes without lyrics, or at least those in a language you don't understand.

One study from Cardiff Metropolitan University adds some science to the mix. It found that listening to music you don't like can make you less productive, while your favorite tracks might also be distracting. The best bet is to go with music that you don't have strong feelings about either way.

When creating your own study playlist, here are some tips: make it ahead of time, keep it around 40-50 minutes long to remind you to take breaks, and avoid radio shows or anything with lots of talking. Also, don't crank up the volume too high - a moderate level is best. Lastly, try to stick with the same playlist to get used to the tunes and focus on your task.

I put in some effort to make a lofi mix with the right tracks and transitions between beats that will help you get focused and code your way to the top.

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