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Max Shapira
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Fire up your productivity: VS Code Themes to try right now (Updated)

As programmers, we can be a bit obsessive-compulsive. It's not always bad, but sometimes it stops us from actually getting stuff done. And what's that stuff, you ask? Well, it's coding. Of course, we spend much time reading code too, but real learning happens when we dive in and start typing.

When we were coding newbies, any old default dark theme would do the trick. But as we get more experienced, we get insanely choosy in our workspace. I bet you can relate to the thoughts that go through our heads when we're trying to pick a new theme:

"This one doesn't have enough contrast."
"Doesn't support Python syntax? No thanks."
"Too dark."
"Too bright."
"Too colorful."
"Too ugly."

It's a real headache. We waste so much time trying to find the "perfect" theme, only to return to our old favorite theme. Don't get me wrong, finding the right theme can increase productivity, creativity and be a fun way to connect with other coders. But balancing the search for the "perfect" theme with actual work is essential to avoid getting distracted and losing focus on what truly matters - achieving success!

I've rounded up some of the most sophisticated themes out there so you can focus on what really matters. You don't need to scroll through countless options; I've got you covered.

1) oh-lucy


lucy code snap

2) Dark++ Theme


dark++ code snap

3) Community Material Theme

Community Material Theme

Community Material Theme code snap

4) Min Theme

Min Theme

Min Theme code snap

5) Flate

flate theme

flate code snap

6) Horizon Theme

horizon theme

Horizon Theme code snap

7) Atom One Dark Theme

Atom One Dark Theme

Atom One Dark Theme code snap

8) Honorable mention: joey



Why is joey theme an honorable mention? It's because it's my jam! I took a solid theme, and after three years of tinkering, I ended up with a theme that helps developers focus like a ninja. I won't strong-arm you into using it and say, "You have to use it!" because it's about personal preference. But you should give it a shot. If it works for you, then I've done my job.


Code time, tune in, zone out!

Top comments (4)

alittlehotcurry profile image

what's the font used in those screenshots?

xshapira profile image
Max Shapira
mbarzda profile image
Martynas Barzda

I thought that extensions, not themes, increase productivity :D Any preferences regarding light themes? Currently, I use Github Light Default

xshapira profile image
Max Shapira

I'm not a fan of light themes. I get eyes fatigue super fast.