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Lauri Ojansivu
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Offline is the new normal

This blog post is based on:

What is new normal

Something done often enough so that it becomes a habit.

What being always online causes

  • Installing new security updates all the time.
  • For non-static website, constant patching, and trying to keep website secure. When new security patch is released, all Internet-accessible websites will receive attacks soon.
  • Updates to all computers, smartphones, routers, etc internet connected devices – if they still receive updates.
  • Trying to be prepared if new update makes some functionality broken of deletes something – like recent Windows Update deleting files, or xet7 adding new experimetal code to Wekan edge that breaks everything.
  • Checking email, chat, news, etc too often, and letting it distract concentrating to work.

What being mostly offline should look like

  • At 1991-1994 I did run BBS, using to upload and download newest messages.
  • Today, there should be similar sync program, that gets all new files/chats/images/updates/etc downloaded at once, verifies that it is malware free and in common text and image formats, and saves to directory at harddrive or USB stick.
  • Work, replies to messages, etc would happen offline, and sync would be made once a week, for example.
  • Offline intranet would use sandboxing like those provided by Sandstorm, Docker, Snap, VMs, LXC, LXD, Endless OS that has locked down Flatpak apps (locking down depends on settings), Qubes OS, etc.
  • If there is need to update some website, those could be synced to Internet with some script.

Benefits offline would bring

  • No Internet.
  • Smartphone off.
  • Time to concentrate, for example 3 hours at once to one work, quality time.
  • Getting more done.
  • No distractions.
  • Have data offline, no need to worry does Internet connection go down.
  • Spend less time at computer.
  • Spend more time walking outside.
  • Spend more time sleeping – yes your brain works when you sleep and solution can pop up to your mind at morning. Brain that gets enough rest works better, and gets more capacity for solving more complex work.

Beginning of a journey

I’m not there yet. I don’t know is this possible for my current highly-connected life. Getting even some of these working would be a good start. I’ll try to begin taking some steps.

To be continued…

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Lauri Ojansivu

Hmm, sometime I should make Wekan work offline, it does not yet. Wekan can be installed locally and on Intranet, but there is no offline sync.