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Wekan on RasPi3 and arm64 server now works, and what's next with CNCF

About Wekan

Wekan is Trello-like Kanban board with Open Source MIT license. Wekan is translated to about 50 languages and used in most countries of the world. Many companies and individuals have sent features and fixes as pull requests to Wekan. Wekan is made with Meteor Javascript Framework, using Node.js and MongoDB. Wekan has Boards, Lists, Cards, Attachments, Checklists, WIP Limits, Swimlanes, Import from Trello, IFTTT Rules like Trello Butler, Copy Checklist Template to Multiple Cards, Copy/Move card to same or another board, Custom Fields, Templates, etc. You can install Wekan to your RasPi3, laptop or server, and use Wekan with your webbrowser. Wekan is available for many platforms like source install, Meteor bundle, Snap, Docker, VirtualBox Appliance, Sandstorm, and others. Wekan v1.00 was released 2018-05-22. More info and download at Wekan website. There is talk by Wekan author Maxime Quandalle at YouTube. Current maintainer of Wekan is xet7.

About CNCF Community Infrastructure Lab

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation is a non-profit organization that hosts Kubernetes, Prometheus, CoreDNS, and other projects. The Foundation helps open-source projects to thrive, and their Community Infrastructure Lab (CIL) provides free access to state-of-the-art computing resources (like bare metal x64 and arm64 servers) for open source developers working to advance cloud native computing. CNCF members from many big companies makes providing bare metal servers possible. CNCF is one of the Linux Foundation's largest sub-foundations. More info at CNCF FAQ and interview at FLOSS Weekly 452.

Done: Wekan dependency version upgrades

  • Meteor from to 1.8.1 on meteor-1.8 branch
  • Node from 8.11.1 to 8.16.0
  • NPM from 6.0.1 to 6.9.2
  • fibers from 2.0.0 to 3.1.1
  • etc

x64 platforms status 2019-06-30

ARM platforms status 2019-06-30

Future plans

  • Add to x64 Wekan Snap and Docker versions other CPU architectures: arm64, and others.
  • Upgrade all Wekan platforms to Meteor 1.8.x version of Wekan.
  • Planned Wekan features:
    • Teams/Organizations to Admin Panel
    • Import from CSV
    • Other upcoming milestones. Target dates can change, depends on progress.

What CNCF servers have enabled to do

Status 2019-06-30

  • Release new version of Wekan max 7 times a day (see ChangeLog), on those days when there is a lot of progress. I (xet7) connect x64 server using virt-manager (uses ssh+vnc transport), so I see desktop running at server. There I have installed many Linux VMs for different distros, and do Wekan development. Currently I use arm64 server that has about 128 GB RAM and 300GB SSD, and x64 server that has about 300 GB RAM and 2 TB NVME disk.
  • Build Wekan, Sandstorm, Friend, etc Open Source projects on that hardware, and enabling the current fast progress of Wekan.
  • x64 server has Wekan Snap installed, that incudes Caddy and Wekan. So release download server is served by Wekan snap on CNCF server.
  • On arm64 server, I got Wekan working on RasPi3 and arm64 server yesterday 2019-06-29 using Meteor bundle.

Best Regards,
On behalf of Wekan Team and Wekan Worldwide Community

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