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3 Workable Ways of Connecting Linux PC To The Internet.

Alexander Omorokunwa
Web Developer || Data science & AI || Editor @FossNaija
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Theinternethas become an integral part of our digital life. With the advent ofthe web browser, along with other web technologies that sprang up asa result of it, staying offline is presently almost impossible.

Sendingand receiving emails, media streaming, with the many social networkshere and there, there is no doubt there is need for a workinginternet connection.

In this post I’ll show you various common ways you can connect your Linux system to the internet.

#1 Wired connections.

Itsimply means you’d have to access the internet by connecting yourLinux PC, using cables, through the Ethernet port to a RJ45 port(using DSL)on a wall.


Soit would only work on PCs with Ethernet network interface cards. Datais transmitted over copper telephone lines. Connecting to theinternet this way is common in large business, corporate orenterprise environments. It’s mostly likely going to be used atwork or your office. And this would be very expensive to set up forindividual use.

Wireless Connections.

Wirelessconnections have in recent times become the most popular peopleconnect their PCs to the internet, and the one that is would be veryattractive to the individual computer user. As the name implies“wire-less” connections do not require any network cables toconnect to a internet network. Especially now that computers arebecoming smaller and mobile with every model iteration. let’s nowtalk about some wireless connections methods.

#2 Dial-Up Modems.

Touse this method, you’d need to connect a USB modem to your PC afterwhich the modem will dial-up to your internet service provider (ISP)network (a sort of proxy to connect to the internet).


These modems usually comepreconfigured with settings from the ISP. Some modems do not workwith a particular Linux distribution because the manufacturers (andISPs) wont provide Linux drivers and software. You can do a thoroughgoogle web search using the modem device name to see how others havesolved the problem with that particular modem. But you can checkthis post to see howto set a ZTE USB modem on ubuntu Linux.

#3 Wi-Fi.


Toconnect to the internet very easily and fast this is the most popularmethod available today. You simply scan for available Wi-Fi networkform your Linux pc and connect. Most time they are closed(passworded) which will require a password, some might be open(without a password) One of the reason for this is that wirelessnetwork devices have become cheap when compared to the cost wiringlong distance to provide internet connectivity.

Andmost importantly many computer and computer-based accessories comewith wireless capabilities. Linux is wireless-compatitble out of thebox. Check here howyou can connect to wifi network.With the proliferation of internet-enabled mobile devices like phonesand tablets you can shareyou mobile internet connection with your Linux PCwirelessly.

Thereyou have it. Try them out.


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