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Wednesday Links - Edition 2021-05-12

wyhasany profile image Michał Rowicki ・1 min read

Justifying of removal of SecurityManager (14m read) 💩

Bits matters, int overflow (30s read) 🤯

Feed your Junit5 Parameterized Tests with YAML (3m read) 🤮

Awaitility with version 4.1.0 comes with fail fast feature (2m read) 🎉

Remember to set exact versions of dependencies (30s read) 🥸

SOLID replacement proposal (30s read) 😱

I'm looking at you, Loom (11min read) 🧐

Teeing, hidden gem in Collectors API (3min read) 💎

Size of JFR event (6min read) 🏋️‍♀️

Kotlin supports JVM 15 features (3m read) 😈

Basics of basics DNS (256s listen) 🎙

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