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PL-900 Power Platform Fundamentals [Lab 0] Introduction

Video demonstration for Labs

Welcome Power people. I took up this weekend project to bring you the series of lab experiences covered under PL-900 certification. This Microsoft certification covers the fundamentals of Power platform - spanning across Power App, Power Automate, Power BI, Dataverse (CDS) and overall experience of using and managing the solution in the Power portal from an end user perspective.

Unlike AZ-900 certification where a student may not need to experience the hands-on deployment of the actual Azure components like Virtual Machine, Network, Storage etc. But in this exam, one needs to really dive deeper and experience it to be able to appear for the exam. It’s not truly a fundamental exam I must admit.

What stops one experiencing it? The challenge is the license. If you work for an organization and they have Office 365 then it is easy to get a licensed playground and try end to end all the possible use cases. Even by using the Office 365 credential one can also open a trial license and use this. But when you are not able to create a trial license or use a playground it is very difficult for you to really catch up with the content because just by reading the material it may not be sufficient to prepare.

I thought to come up with a series of lab experience where I'll be demonstrating all the prescribed labs by the official learning content end to end. These videos are uncut and unedited. With the main intention to make sure that you experience what one must go through while doing it. You will observe I'm trying to find some of the menus because I was even doing it for the first time in few cases. I haven't done any practice before showing the demo so the demo experience is really the first time in few cases which gives you an idea of what all typical struggles you may encounter while using the portal. I like this approach because one way it is raw, but it may take longer time for one to consume it because it has a lot of back-and-forth things, I might have tried did not work. I came back and then tried again so on and so forth but it's earth to fast forward and move whenever you feel like it's too slow or you already know it. I went very slow, but you can increase the video speed.

Microsoft has already provided a lot of content in form of Microsoft learn. The labs are available in GitHub and the curriculum is up to date in the certification home page. Here are the links along with the YouTube video series I’ve created.


Other videos in this series

The Certification Page

The study material

The Labs

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