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Wong Lok
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I made a visual code organiser for THREE.JS

here's the github project

The editor engine is open sourced and the backend only stores data but is in private source due to security reasons.

Vuejs is so awesome...

  1. it can help me make a SVG graph easily without other UI library.
  2. it can help me to build the execution envrionment code for the iframe easily so that i can put the user logic within iframe to make things safer.

Three.js is awesome...

  1. It can help me use a scene graph to compose a tree structures of items.
  2. It can help me focus on coding the graphics not the structure setup..

My little software is awesome... XD lol hahahahahaha

  1. It can help me reduce effort for setting up stuff like resize handler, how should things be structured and organised.

  2. It can help me organise content with the same strcutrue of scene graph.

  3. It can help me input human values such as timeline timing easily.

  4. It can help me to make life easier by storing code online so that i can share them easily.

Thank you so much for reading my post.... :D

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