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Jesse M. Holmes
Jesse M. Holmes

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I'll take one of everything …

This morning on Things I Saw in Revenue Generating (Legacy) Code

Wait, so this modal is displaying an iframe that bootstraps the entire angularjs application, including the microfrontend container written in react, just to show a control for uploading a file? Cool, cool.

Tell me about something interesting you've seen in code recently!

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Alex Janke • Edited

I've seen an app in production running on a Delphi backend producing a server side generated jQuery frontend where they now try to slowly merge some parts to Vue - of course, still written in Delphi :) Also, all of the UI was done with position: absolute and got recalculated whenever you resized your window.

Oh, to make the compiled delphi .exe work in the web it's hosted on an IIS with CGi enabled. Shall I go on? 😖

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Wow. Nothing this extreme. :)