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Jesse M. Holmes
Jesse M. Holmes

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Who is using Nx?

I'm using Nx with React and Nest to build an application for work, and I love it. Are you doing anything interesting with Nx?

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Titouan B

Same here at
Full stack TypeScript, React Apps for frontend & Nestjs Apps for backend. Nx is incredible to manage our libs and let us split our code for reuse and optimization. I remember hard times with yarn workspace and Lerna but this are now demons of the past 😁
Also we have open positions feel free to contact me! See ya

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I use it always.
I have a project consists of Nest, Angular, React-Native, Electron.
I use monorepo over it. Life's easy. :)

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Could you share some cons? And how did you solve them?
I'm researching on this topic to adopt the best option for our project

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Jesse M. Holmes Author

I've thought about it, and the most friction I've endured had to do with upgrading versions, but so far I've always found a solution quickly. This isn't an Nx issue, per se, but just typical churn from the JavaScript community.

I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of cons, and I'm hoping someone else can chime in. It's been a really good experience for me overall.

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Bobo Brussels

Hearing about Nx for the first time — can you give a quick overview of what you're loving about it?

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I can tell you there are a lot of articles regarding this tool all over particularly this website.

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Rex • Edited on

I use nx on all my projects too, angular or react or plain ts library(, @mockapi/msw etc.). It offer a complete solution from scaffolding to testing and development, to building and publishing.

More importantly it encourages best practices in many aspects.

One feature I love is it prevents circular dependence’s and produces awesome dependence graph.

The code generation is also powerful and we can create our own schematics easily, it has the potential to save a lot of time in a very elegant way

Definitely give it a try, it is awesome.

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I've started using turbo repo. It's pretty easy to get going.

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Stanislav Baturin

I use Nx for several Angular and React apps that are being deployed together. With Angular I use the @angular-architects/ddd plugin, it helps a lot.