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Jesse M. Holmes
Jesse M. Holmes

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Do you have a favorite Udemy course?

I've never paid $199 for a Udemy course, but I have bought quite a few when they are being priced at $10 each. My favorite course was this Angular course by Maximilian Schwarzmüller that I purchased a few years ago. He's a great instructor, and the course continues to receive updates.

Tell me about the courses you've taken, no matter the subject!

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Marin Terziyski • Edited

Hi , Maximilian Schwarzmüller is very good . I bought his course for Vue.js and
and it helped me a lot with learning and practice. After this course i builded CMS system for my friend with Vue.js + Laravel :)

I have and his React course , but I do not have time at this stage to pass it.

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Daniyar Zhadyrassyn

Modern React and Redux by Stephen Grider helped me to learn React and Redux and it is still being updated =)

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Jesse M. Holmes

Glad to hear it, as this is a course we plan to purchase for our Juniors.

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Sarath S Nair

JavaScript understanding the weird parts by Anthony Alicea is so far my favourite course. This helped me to understand the language and many of its concepts. It's bit outdated now, but worth. It was one of the best seller course in javascript earlier.

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Daniel Brasileiro

Okay, I like this angular university series

However let me say that in Portuguese the best course I've taken by far is this one focused on TDD in JavaScript

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The course about Vue.js by Maximilian Schwarzmüller :D

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Juan F Gonzalez

I have paid for about 5 different courses (mostly about frontend) but since you are asking for my favorite one, that has to be the Advanced React and Redux course by Stephen Grider.