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Jesse M. Holmes
Jesse M. Holmes

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Did you study music in college?

If you studied music, attended master classes, and/or rehearsed under guest conductors, I want to hear from you! Don't worry, I'm not looking to start a band or anything. I need your feedback for an idea.


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Chris Raser

Yup! Started college as a Music Performance major (tuba) before switching to Computer Science after 3 years. (Lots of lost credits there...) Played under guest conductors, attended master classes for various instruments (mostly tuba & brass), played recitals, the usual. It's been a long time since I was serious about it, but I currently play in a local community band and have a good time.

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I have a degree in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. I've done some small tours and studio tours.

During my time there I got interested in synthesis and sound design. I kept asking "why" questions instead of "how" questions and that got me interested in Physics, which eventually lead to software engineering.

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I started as a Violin Performance major. I got two and a half years in and was way burnt out. I took a couple semesters off, transferred, finished an English degree and then found a boot camp. Now I just get to play for fun, and it's so much nicer.

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MelanieWhite2 • Edited

I like music. I adore listening to classical music. My favorite instrument is the violin. My daughter is eight years old, and she is playing violin since she was 6. Since childhood, I have wanted to build a music career, but I couldn't afford it because of a lack of money. I was living with my mom because my parents were divorced. So, the money was the only problem for not achieving my dream. Since my daughter was born, I have promised myself that I will support her if she wants to go on the music path. That's why I purchased for her a new violin, the best one from
I will invest in my daughter as much as possible.

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My degree is in Music Industry Management and I was in university-level classes and master classes! I've also worked in the music industry my whole career including symphony orchestras, college arenas, and other concert venues. Gosh I miss playing :(

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Ross Henderson

I studied Music Technology in University and have a BTEC National Diploma in Music. I did drop out of uni after I realised (too late) that it didn't matter what you knew about this job, it was who you knew to get a job.

But I'm still an active guitarist to this day!

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Steven Torrence

Hi! I studied music education at Sam Houston State University in Texas. I then went on to teach high school band for 7 years before making the switch to programming! I also know a lot of other people in the DFW area who have successfully made the switch from music education to programming.

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Emma Bostian ✨

I didn't study but I was manager for the pep band! I've played since 4th grade :) Almost switched for music.

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Cubicle Buddha

I had a minor in music recording. As a musician, I’m self taught.

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Robert Dalin

I was a music major in college, I've attended master classes and rehearsed with numerous guest conductors.

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博西刘 • Edited

Was in a marching band as snare drummer. Always a self-taught musician though!

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Chuks Festus

Yep, have a diploma in music, still a tenor opera singer and a flutist!!

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Michael Jancsy

Yes - I earned BA in music with focus on piano and composition. (BA also in math / economics.) Now building music education apps @ Aleatoric Technologies