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Walter Kennedy IV

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What I've learned lately - 20190513

I'm getting married this year. Literally the last possible day of the year, to be exact.

Ya know that wedding website thing that people do? We're doing that too. Except, instead of using some of the existing tooling out there, i.e. Minted or The Knot, I saw a learning potential there.

Why not use it to learn something cool? I hadn't ever used some of the AWS stuff, and I wanted to give it a shot. So, like 20 minutes later, I had my AWS Amplify Console up and running, connected it to my GitHub, and fired up the website. I'm still not totally certain about a good bit of it. But it was cool.

I'm using React for the front-end, so I set up an AWS AppSync GraphQL back-end for it. Mainly for the most overly ambitious RSVP system of all time (again, learning new stuff).

I'm not done with it yet, but I may share it here when I finish. Or maybe the source code. Anyway, that's what I'm learning right now. I don't know much about this kinda thing, as I'm mostly a Microsoft developer, but it's awesome, and I want to use it more.

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Francois LAGIER

Sounds like a great project to get started on AWS. Also, you have a clear deadline for the project :) Congrats on the wedding as well!