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The Lead Developer (London): 12/10 Good Doggo: The Power of Positive Transformation

Heidi Waterhouse
Heidi is a developer advocate at LaunchDarkly. She is passionate about clear communication, humane workplaces, and conference speaking. In her spare time, she sews dresses with pockets.
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The Lead Developer is one of my favorite conferences of all time. The talks are great, the experience as a speaker and as an attendee is wonderful, and I always leave feeling inspired and included. Getting accepted is an enormous honor, because it’s a single-track conference – everyone is going to experience the same talks.

This year, I crafted this proposal especially for The Lead Developer, because where else would I be able to give a talk about motivating developers and animal training psychology? The talk is an interweaving of my experience as a technical writer, my observations from 20 years in technology, and the fresh perspective I got from dog training books.

A large auditorium, filled with hundreds of people

This is a big crowd to get up in front of with a dog-clicker and a cheerful theory about writing documentation, but I really feel great about the talk and the conversation it sparked.

A white woman with pink hair gestures while talking in front of a very pink background

(if you’re wondering whether I coordinated my lipstick with the backdrop, the answer is HECK YES)

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