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FastAPI on GCP App Engine

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I made a 20 min video (link at the bottom) that demonstrates how to deploy a simple FastAPI app to App Engine on Google Cloud Platform.
This tutorial can be followed along to practice on your own provided that you have a billing enabled GCP account.
This tutorials covers very basic details like

  • Creating a project in GCP,
  • Accessing the Cloud shell,
  • Clone the repository on to Cloud Shell VM,
  • Do a Sanity hosting of the FastAPI on Cloud Shell VM and explain about worker processes
  • Create an App Engine
  • Deploy FastAPI on to App Engine
  • Check Logs of App Engine
  • Clean up and Shutdown Project once practiced the tutorial.

Some notes about billing

I have performed this deployment and shutdown the project after I'm done with deployment and learning a couple of months ago. So no bill has been generated for me. I do not even have credits active at the time of performing this tutorial.

Link for tutorial

Deploy FastAPI Python app to Google Cloud Platform on App Engine

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