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Starting something new: My own YouTube Channel

During Lockdown, I admittedly lost motivation to do regular blogging, so I decided to mix things up a bit

Due to COVID-19 , New Zealand went into lockdown on 25th March. It’s not quite as severe as it sounds, we were allowed to go outside for walks for 30 minutes, we could go to supermarkets for essential items but at the end of the day, it was still a lockdown.

During this time, I lost a lot of motivation to do any blogging. I’m not the most regular blogger, but I like to think that I was able to keep it up. Lockdown changed my attitude towards blogging a lot. I had no desire to keep it going. Being worried about how long lockdown would last, trying to keep up some sort of routine during lockdown, making sure I was looking after myself and staying healthy etc. These things took priority over keeping up a blog.

Event though New Zealand has moved into Level 1 (Everything except borders), I wasn’t compelled to jump back into blogging again. I’ve wanted to mix things up a bit for a while now. I still wanted to contribute to the community, but I found the process of writing a blog post a bit mundane (N.B, I’m not saying I’ll never blog again or that the art of blogging is pointless, just saying that I want to try something new _😊)._

The silver lining of being in lockdown was that it gave me some time to think about different ways I could contribute back to the community. One of those ideas was to create make some videos on stick them on YouTube.

I used to write short articles on specific topics about Azure Cosmos DB and do more in-depth talks at conferences and meetups, but I now want to do short, simple videos on specific topics related to Azure Cosmos DB.

I’ve already made the first one, which you can view below:

In the short term, I plan to release videos on the following topics:

  • Data Modelling in Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Understanding Partitioning.
  • Understanding Throughput.
  • Database and Container Design in Cosmos DB.
  • Understanding Global Distribution (might have to make multiple videos about this topic!)

Thanks to the MVP Program, I was able to get my hands on a free Camtasia license. All I need now is a decent Microphone and hopefully I should be able to refine my technique with time. I’m not looking to be one of those YouTube types, but hopefully I can get comfortable enough to publish my own courses someday.

One step at a time. If you have any similar experiences starting your own YouTube channel or indeed creating your own video content, I’d love to hear about them!

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Bobby Iliev

That's awesome! Good luck! Just subscribed to your channel.

I recently did the same thing, still getting used to the video editing and etc. but it's quite fun: