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Decentralized microservice execution economy now enabled on the MESG Engine

Will Morgan
・1 min read

The MESG framework recently received a huge upgrade that has significant implications for the future of software development.

Now creators of services, in addition to actors in the network, like block producers, executors, emitters or validators, can receive token payments for their work.

This means that developers can now delegate decentralized processing power to others on the network to run their open-source services and processes so they don't have to deal with paying for servers.

Also, service developers can charge a token micropayment for each execution on their services when they are reused by others on the network. All services and processes on the MESG Framework are highly resuable and interopeable, so it opens the opportunity for OSS devs to earn royalties.

There is also no middle men, restrictions or centralized authorities, including the MESG Foundation itself, so payments go directly from those outsourcing work, to the workers themselves.

I see a bright future for projects like MESG which encourage open-source development and efficiency while providing the opportunity for fair compensation for open-source developers.

See MESG CEO Anthony Estebe talk about the new execution economy in the decentralized MESG Engine here:

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