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Open platform of reusable microservices

Will Morgan
・1 min read

It's time consuming to build applications: a lot of code is duplicated, and the business application represents only a small percentage of the codebase.

It's also expensive and unpredictable, You either deal with lots of overhead and limited scalability, or give up control of your application and processing.

The MESG Network aims to solve this through a platform that runs your app's microservices and processes, and allows the reuse of existing components so you can focus entirely on the business logic of your applications.

Apps run on local machines or on a distributed network, allowing you to pay only for the processing that you use, and scale up or down effortlessly. Income goes directly to those on the network who process and validate the executions.

MESG is a free, open source tool: you can start building and reusing services right now:

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