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Hi Dan, 👋

I am responsible for tech hiring at Aula.Education. I only send out highly personal and relevant messages to our prospects and think I have a 70% reply rate. I spend quite a lot of time researching and crafting a message.

I won't lie, that if I don't hear back, I am not disappointed. But most of the time they come back to me 3 months later in the end when they are clearing out their backlog 🤣

The way I see it: if you only send highly relevant outreach, you will stand out most of the times and I see the PM's / Devs I reach out to most of the time take the time go get back.

FYI: Recruiters get recruited as well, mostly by automated Linkedin scattergun approaches -- and I delete those on sight.

Cheers, Willem


you're a rarity. most messages I get from recruiters are like "you look like a great fit for this position working with insert technology I've never used before" so thanks for being one of the good ones

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