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What is Wia, and how I can use it

After asking what you would like to hear about, I have lots of tutorials in the making, so thank you for all your feedback! In the meantime, I realised I should tell you about what Wia is and how you can get setup.

Starting with the basics, What is Wia?

Wia is an Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform which provides a simple way for people and things to talk to each other with just a few lines of code encouraging developers to build any IoT application. Essentially providing the ability to turn any dumb device into a smart connected device within minutes.

Anyone can learn how to connect their favourite development boards to Wia and integrate with third party services.

For more advances developers you can also use our REST, MQTT and CoAP API reference by click here.

Create a Wia Account

You can create a Wia account by visiting the Sign Up page. Wia is free up to 10 devices at a time so you are able to continually test different devices and prototypes. Create a Wia account today.

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Next Up, Create your Space

Spaces are a safe, secure place where your Devices live. You can create as many Spaces as you would like adding your Devices to monitor and share with anyone, anywhere. Learn how to create a Space.

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Lets add your Devices

Harness the full power and potential of the IoT Devices you own. If it connects to the internet, it connects to Wia. We make it easy to connect and turn your Devices into smart applications within minutes. Learn how to add a Device.

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Now publishing an event is as easy as 1,2,3

Once your Device has been added, you can publish events to Wia, and watch them come through in real time. You can also add a widget to see your Device data in your favourite format (I will talk more about this below). Learn how to publish an Event.

alt text

Taking it one fantastic step further

Flow Studio is the easiest way to connect your IoT devices to your favourite services. We are integrated with applications such as Slack and Twilio to help you get all your data in the most convenient way possible, tailored just for you. Learn how to create your a Flow.

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The final step

Its time to add in a Widget or Command. Our new Widgets provide you with an overview of the data gathered from your Devices. Widgets display data through Text, Images, Maps and Commands. Learn how to add a Widget.

Commands allow you to control your Devices from near and far in a few simple lines of code. Learn how to add a Command

alt text

If you have any questions about how it works please ask, in the meantime many more tutorials are to come! Hope this helps explain Wia a bit more and will help with clarifying some of the tutorials I have posted.

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