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Diversity in Tech Groups in Ireland

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Volunteer: Coder, tech event organiser, mentor, advocates diversity in tech | Working as Maker Advocate
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I've been keeping track of Diversity in Tech groups around the island of Ireland, with help from crowdsourcing via IrishTechCommunity on slack to general tweet outs.

You can find it here in Medium:

I cross-post it to other sites as well (I know it's double/triple the work but it's worth it).

For anyone that is curious on why I started it, it was very different scene a few years ago compared to when I wrote the post. The amount of groups exploded and it was getting hard to know what was going on, or in my case, trying not to clash with other groups. I got so annoyed that my meetup and two others clashed one evening and all on the same subject matter, why split the community (small as it is) to even smaller groups whereas we could have collaborated.

I'm all for collaboration, sharing and connecting with other groups while also free to do your own thing. We are there to support each other and this is not a competition or "turf war". The latter really upsets me as when I see a new group starting up, I reach out to see how I can help and if they met other similar groups, I do get a rebuff every so often (mostly it's all quite friendly and I get to make lots more new friends who like to help others as well, so that definitely outweighs the negative).

I know it's really hard work setting a group and running events, especially if you have a day job. And it is also being human, not everyone will like me, but I offer still stands to folks who need help spreading the word looking for speakers, hosting their events, introductions to potential sponsors, and so on. 🌈

So if you are an organiser or someone who attends events here on the island of Ireland and see I'm missing a diversity in tech group, let me know, I'll pop it on the list. 😊

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