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Hyperiondev - Web Dev bootcamp - day 5

I hear the weekend calling

Final live lecture for the week. Another marathon session but the number of unrelated questions is dropping or at least being fielded to the end of the session.
Clocking in at just of 12hrs "live" teaching time this week, plus the 15min mini-video tutorials for each Task. Add in the pdf teaching & task sheets, then the time solving the tasks. This may be down as a part-time bootcamp but I'd struggle to see many full-time workers being able to cope with this workload unless they're going to dedicate the weekend to study.
Being freelance myself I had already snagged myself a couple of weeks free-time to get a good head start on this course and boy oh boy am I glad I did.

Today I've knocked out tasks 9 & 10.

Task 9 - for loops.
Everyone's favourite flavour, we all love a good for loop to get things going right.

Task 10 - Defensive programming / Debugging.
Intro to error types and some basic ways of dodging the most common early errors (syntax, runtime & logical). Nothing too advanced just read the messages, check the code, check variable names, spelling etc.

So far no rubber ducks.

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