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Hyperiondev - Web Dev bootcamp- Day 1

Day One
So it begins. The link to a shared folder in dropbox which will serve as my go between for code reviews, lecture notes and most other data arrives.
All signed up to the Hyperiondev dashboard so I can join live lectures and submit code for review or organise a 1:1 mentor chat.
So far all seems good.
Signed up for the five live lectures this week and then started my way through the first couple of task.

Task 1 - Pseudocode

A nice gentle intro into the thinking process of solving code problems. Get given a problem and then "describe" your solution step by step.
This one had a few tasks to complete where I had to "design" algorithms to solve simple input/output needs, order a list & find if a number input is a prime number or not.

The it was an "interactive" way of making sure we're all aware of not copying. The task being to read the info provided on types of plagiarism and then to explain our understanding whilst ensuring we reference out sources.

Task 2 - Lets get coding.

This "intro" to Javascript felt a little clunky if I'm honest. I've done a few free courses on JS before and they way it's introduced here felt awkward. However it did introduce using Chrome dev tools for inspecting the page (and console access), plus it got us to install VSCode and Node.js.
Nice and handy having VSCode linked via dropbox so all work is saved to your student folder ready for submission.

Live Lecture -

So after a little hiccup from the hyperiondev team we got going in the afternoon with lecture one. This one hosted by Pieter went though the Task 1 info. So here we went through the concept and usage of pseudocode.

So there we go, day one done. I've submitted T1 & T2 for review and attended my first lecture. Initial feelings so far is despite quite a few teething problems admin-wise everything seems good.

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