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Hyperiondev - Web Dev bootcamp - Day 4

Settling in

Getting used to the flow of things now. Lecture length and how to organise life around the work required to complete task etc.

Live lecture today ran much smoother. Two hours and plenty of basic info on loops & controlling the flow of programs in JS.

Task 7 - Build Your Brand 1
The first career focused task/section. A great intro of working with linkedIn, keeping a list of potential contacts. Setting career goals and focusing on the steps required to progress through the bootcamp but also build a professional network and portfolio.
Looking forward to more of these career resources and working with the careers team at Hyperiondev.

Task 8 - More loops - While, do..while.
Intro to whole loops and effective ways of utilising them with while(true) statements. Code challenges included the favourite "Is string a palendrome?" Everyone loves this one right.

Last lecture of the week tomorrow. Getting good feedback on my submitted work so far, I've got myself nicely ahead of the live lectures as I've covered most of this basic JS stuff previously on codecademy. However I'm expecting to slow down once the going heads into new territory for me.

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