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Cyber-safe Digital Space

We know that today’s education system is extensively and rapidly growing digitally. With the concept of integrating traditional classroom study with technology, students have more opportunities than ever before. The internet’s vast resources facilitate students in learning and in uplifting their perseverance. However, this global connectivity despite its various positive edges also brings new challenges in the realm of cybersecurity. Safeguarding and creating impactful strategies is the only way to ensure safe and effective learning in this digital age.

Incorporating technology in educational institutions confronts many challenges in terms of cyber threats and attacks that affect the CIA triad i.e. Confidentiality, integrity, and availability which are fundamental to any information system. There is a growing need to secure the digitally ingrained education system. The education institution should ensure a concrete defence mechanism towards attacks and threats and must deploy robust cybersecurity measures. We know that schools and universities store a wealth of personal and sensitive information which can be an appealing target for ransom attacks and therefore make such institutions prime targets for cybercriminals.
Firewalls are the first line of defence. These are the basic components of any strategy required to block malicious intentions. Firewalls filter traffic during any exchange and act as a gatekeeper of the digital infrastructure. Next, we have an Intrusion detection system, which monitors the pathway and any hindrance within the communicating data will be detected through IDS. Authorities should ensure strong access controls over the system. Restrictions should be made over the sensitive data. Regular software patching and updates should be done to reduce vulnerabilities. Awareness programmes should be conducted among the students and educators regarding cybersecurity and ensuring that they can practice safe online surfing and recognise phishing attempts. Education system is an information system that is now evolving into information technology through its various advancements and when it comes to IT, security is paramount. The CIA triad must be protected and effective measures are the essential steps for safeguarding the system.

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