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Discussion on: Handling repetitive mistakes

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Weston Wedding • Edited on

One thing I have had to learn to do over the years, when I'm in this situation or if I see someone else in this situation, is to try to take a moment to step back and assess the situation from an external perspective and look for answers other than "the individual making the mistakes is the problem."

I've been in jobs or seen other people in jobs where "stupid mistakes" or "the same mistakes" start to happen and when that happens it is often because someone has a work load that suddenly increased or is simply unfair to expect out of someone. Quite often an employer has done little to nothing to help them prepare for the increased workload and then gets grumpy when existing management approaches/systems break down.

It's easy to blame the individual (or yourself, in this case) but sometimes it's external factors. Sometimes it means the approach or systems you use to manage your chaos wasn't intended to handle the load you're dealing with now.

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Damien Cosset Author

I did find out that better communication with my hierarchy about the workload and my current abilities could have avoided a lot of problems indeed.