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Working on a single board computer

A few weeks ago, I got my Raspberry Pi 5 or more specifically, a starter set including it, a fan, SD Card and case.
I ran some stress tests on the device to see how performant the device really is. I was shocked by how easily it handled most of the tasks that were thrown at it, like video playback, stress command or simple browsing. I didn't write those measurements down, so I cannot add them to this post. Anyway, there are other websites that probably have done a better job at analyzing the Pi than I did.

At this time, my development environment was a Fedora laptop with many packages and system changes. This became a problem when working on one of my side projects called Zentrox.

To replace/extend this environment, I decided to set my Raspi up as a development system. This was actually pretty easy, and if you want to, you can follow me along here.

  1. Install Raspbian and enable SSH
  2. Which tools am I using very often?
    1. Neovim
    2. Tmux
    3. Btop
    4. Chrome
    5. Compilers, interpreters, git, ssh, fish...
    6. Docker
  3. Which of these tools should run on the raspi?
    1. Neovim
    2. Tmux
    3. Compilers and interpreters
    4. Docker
  4. How do I get thes tools running on the raspi?
    1. Copy Neovim and Tmux config to the raspi (using ssh file transfer)
    2. Install btop, nodejs,...
    3. Get docker running

After I installed, updated and configured all applications and packages the raspi now easily runs my project(s), gcc,...

The only thing missing is proper pip3 functionality. Every time I try to install a Python package, I am hit with this error:

Picture of a PiP3 error message

A few screenshots of the working setup (taken in Windows Terminal on W11 over SSH)

Screenshot of Neovim running in Tmux running on my Raspi over SSHImage descriptionImage description

I hope you liked this post. Feel free to add an emotion, leave a comment (constructive or not), and maybe star Zentrox.

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