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Git for solo developers

weppami profile image weppami ・1 min read

I am curious to know how solo developers out there are using Git.
Is it just for backup ? Are you using version control and how, with a gui app or directly via cli ? If you are using branches, what is your logic (features, bugfixes, ...)?
Finally some real life cases where git saved your axx ..
Trying to streamline a workflow myself, so thanks all !!

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Mohammad Fazel

Your question should be "why you don't use git for your projects solo or team!"

Git helps you debug your app super easily.
Helps you get back your recent changes at anytime.
You will review your project in the future (when only god knows what we wrote) easily.
More why?

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Gary Bell

Absolutely use it for personal projects. It keeps me in good habits for when I'm coding at work, and means I can jump to other machines and still work.

In terms of Git saving me, it hasn't (yet) on a personal project. But in work it has, several times. A recent one was a simple single change to one file, late on a Friday afternoon. I was tired, in a hurry, and didn't read the conflict message properly. I got a really bad merge from the branch, but the site still loaded. Initial checks looked good, but 45 minutes later, I got a call saying some people were having issues checking out. Running everything through Git (no CI for that project, it's a horrible inherited legacy mess) meant I could see what had changed, revert the commit, merge the changes correctly and fix the issue in under an hour.

zediwards profile image

I use Git locally on my projects so I can make a new branch when I am about to change my code a lot trying to solve a problem. This way if what I try doesn't work I can go back to my master branch and if it does work I can merge it into my master branch.

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