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Kotlin vs. Java: Choose the Best Language for Your Android App Development

webmatrixtech profile image Webmatrix Technologies ・1 min read

Worshippers of Java or Kotlin? Android developers are currently divided into the two camps and when it comes to opinion each differs from another. Object-oriented, class-based and runtime environment makes java developers enable to run their program anywhere, any Java compatible environment. No need to write again or compilations. Only Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) with Java and Developed by Sun Microsystem back in 1995 Java is literally everywhere, undoubtedly became the most preferred language when it comes to Android development.

Now Kotlin burst onto the scene with Google announcing its support for Kotlin in 2017 I/O conference, and later in the 2018 Google actively pursuing developers to use Kotlin for their Android Application Development, lead the industry speculating Kotlin to be the next Swift for Android. More streamlined, running on the same Java Virtual Machine, coding in Kotlin is succinct and shorter than Java. It means dedicated developers need to write less in Kotlin, it also means minimizing the occurrence of bugs as less the code less the chances of making an error. Indeed, Kotlin has become a rising star in the Android Application Development so soon.


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